If you have questions not answered in this guide, there are several different ways to reach us.


Blockstream Green support will never ask you for your mnemonic or seed.

Many users ask questions publicly on our telegram chat, citing @BlockstreamHelp on Twitter, or at our subreddit so you might find your question already answered over there. Other reddit users sometimes answer questions, so keep in mind that official responses will only be from moderators of the subreddit (visible on the sidebar), from the Telegram group admins, or directly answered by @BlockstreamHelp on Twitter.

If your question isn’t answered on the site, subreddit, or Telegram chat, or if you prefer private communication, the best way to directly contact us is through our support email:

If you decide to open up a support ticket over email, please include as much detail as possible. The more information you provide, the faster we will be able to assist you. In particular, please let us know:

  1. A short description of the problem and the expected behavior
  2. The data and time when you noticed or reproduced the issue
  3. Which client you are using (Desktop, iOS, Android) with its version number
  4. Your operating system and version number
  5. Any Transaction Hashes and/or addresses relevant to the problem
  6. To identify your wallet in our database, at least one of your:
    • 2FA email address
    • 2FA SMS number
    • Watch-only login name
  7. The exact text of any error message and/or a screenshot/video of the problem (we only open .jpg images for security purposes)
  8. Any further information that you think is relevant to the problem.

Thank you for contributing to continuously improve the Green Wallet.

The Green Team


Please note that our support staff only speaks English at this time, so we cannot guarantee appropriate support for any inquiries sent in other languages.