Contributing to Blockstream DocsΒΆ

Documenting our products and services is an ongoing effort. If you would like to contribute, or have found an error or omission in any of the existing documentation, there are a few ways in which you can help.

Submitting content yourself

The source for the Blockstream Docs website can be found on the Blockstream Docs GitHub repository.

The README explains how to clone the Blockstream Docs repository and use Sphinx to generate and run the site locally. This is useful if you want to add new content to the site and are comfortable using Git and markdown.

Submit an issue, idea or request

If you would rather just submit an issue, idea or request, you can use the Issues tab in the repository. There are a number of labels you can assign to an issue which help it get noticed by others who may be able to work on it.

If you do log an issue, please provide the following information to enable others to resolve it as easily as possible:

  • A short description of the issue or idea you have.

  • The page on which you found an issue, if applicable.

As a contributor, you may want to help by picking up issues submitted by other members of the community and helping to resolve them.

If you do decide to contribute, thank you for helping to improve the Blockstream Docs website!